February Patreon Summary

The short month of February is now done. I’ve been trying a new schedule this month. It worked really well until I got side-swiped by a side-project later in the month. I’m going to have to balance that a little better next month.

January Poll Results

The selection for January 2024, and the first selection from Behind the Green Door, was:

The prompt for this snippet was:

It began as a whisper.

I’m now signed up to do a war story. Huh. This’ll be interesting.


This month’s story was The Bitter Siren, the second story in the Crossway Zodiac. It’s not quite as fantastical as the first, but I think there’s just enough.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s Patreon Pick stories, They Are Displeased and Are You Out There, are now available to all patrons.

This month’s Patreon Pick stories for patrons in the Lounge are Path to Ebonbury, Special Delivery, and Routine.



by | Feb 29, 2024

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