Creative Writing Prompts: February, Crystal Cache

Lettie’s aunt loved crystals. She bought them from new age stores, craft supply stores, even the science store in the mall. She knew what every crystal meant, all the resonances and meanings and spiritual stuff Lettie couldn’t keep track of. Really, with the internet, she didn’t need to, but her aunt was even quicker than Google, and that made her a little envious.

Not that she really thought the crystals did any of what her aunt said. Not that she completely disbelieved it, either.

Really, she just hadn’t made up her mind. It might be there was something to it and it might be there was nothing, and she wasn’t certain she’d ever really know. 

After all, she knew about the placebo and nocebo effects, and those might as well be magic. Not quite a curse as people thought of a curse or a spell as they thought of a spell, but they worked just as well as. That is, if people believed. Which, really, was what a lot of magic said. The belief made the power, so how was that any different?

She didn’t know if it was, except that there was the claim to some unnamed external force in the one case. It all came down to whether the cause or the effect was more important to you, she supposed. She wasn’t sure which was more important to her.

When her aunt gave her crystals, she accepted them. Really, she’d have accepted no matter what it was. After all, she had been taught to appreciate the thought behind the gift more than the gift itself, but in this case, she felt she could appreciate both. Her aunt had thought of her, had given her something she believed would help Lettie, and Lettie sometimes thought she could use the help. Even if she wasn’t a hundred percent convinced, she carried the crystal, and she believed enough, she supposed.

But when her aunt died and left her an entire shack full of crystals, she really didn’t know what to do with them. Well, the house, too. She appreciated that, greatly, and didn’t want to not appreciate it properly just because it also included the shack, but nevertheless, the shack was a part of the property and the shack was full of stones.

All of them were crystals and polished gems. They were arranged in some system should couldn’t understand but could tell existed, and labelled, but labelled by names and not effects, and Lettie really didn’t have her aunt’s encyclopedic knowledge to put them to use. 

Her first thought was to sell them. After all, it would put them into the hands of people who could use them, but she felt bad getting rid of her aunt’s collection like that. Moreover, there was something about it, something about the shack and the collection of crystals, that made her think her aunt had been saving them for something. Something that was still coming. 

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by | Feb 24, 2023