Creative Writing Prompts: April, They Are Displeased 

The milk had curdled in the pitcher. It hadn’t been out of the icebox for more than five minutes, and Hannah poured and drank a glass as soon as she retrieved it. Yet, in between her morning glass and fetching the mug for her father, the milk had spoiled.

There had been stories of similar happenings from all across the township. No one had wanted to believe it at first, because no one had wanted to think any of their neighbours had displeased the fae. Yet here it was, milk curdled in the blink of an eye.

With her father set to return from the field in moments, Hannah changed her task list and went to milk the cow first off. Bessie was not pleased at having her routine disrupted, but forgave her in exchange for a handful of hay.

By the time she had the pail full, her father was in the house, staring at the pitcher on the counter.

“I’ll have a fresh mug for you in a moment,” Hannah said, and her father nodded, then took the old pitcher and walked it out to the refuse pile. His mug was waiting and right when he returned. By the time he finished drinking, the rest of the pail, a morning’s worth of fresh milk, had curdled thick as cheese.

“Take it out with the rest,” he said. “And we’d best not be planning on keeping anything around until this resolves.”

Hannah nodded and walked the pail over to the refuse pile. She could still see the splash where her father had tossed the first batch, and did her best to get everything in the pail. She had to use the scrapper to clean the last of it out, and the pail would need a scrubbing before it could be used again. Another item added to the list of chores in her head, which she was already behind on.

Her father had the wagon out of the barn when she returned. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, “I’ll be back as soon as I can. These aren’t times to be away from home.”

That was the truth of it, but it was also true they needed the money from the market, especially if their own food stores were going to spoil. Hannah took a moment to watch her father drive the wagon down the lane, and then put the pail with the dishes to be scrubbed when it came time for them.

First she had to turn down the beds and air the blankets, and then she had to prep the feed and see to a proper meal for the cow and sheep. While she normally didn’t notice the absence of her father during a market day, with the chores enough to keep her busy, today she jumped at every creak in the house or bird call in the field.

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by | Apr 6, 2023