Catching Up

So, at some point, I fell behind in posts for what I was cooking, and then fartehr behind, and then I stopped cooking for a while, with the end result being that I no longer remembered how long things had taken me, or what trouble I ran into (except that my Béarnaise sauce came out way too green, and that I did something that decreased the sweetness in the Coconut-Chocolate Tart).

I was going to do catch-up posts anyway, from my pictures, but I just discovered that I forgot to take photos of some of the finished products. So! Instead, I’m going to do a complete list of what I made last year, and then post the completed dishes that I have pictures of at the end.

What I’ve Made So Far:

I think that was everything.

I’ll see if I can actually get it together in the new year to make more 🙂



by | Jan 3, 2015