Car 9: It’s the End of the World As We Know It

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One of the first apocalypses I can remember seeing was in Wizards. It was showing late at a comic convention in a tiny room in the basement floor. Only a handful of people were there, which was good, as the room could maybe have held twenty people. A TV was placed at the front of the room, the lights were turned out, and the world appeared on the screen. Then it blew up.

We laughed. What else could you do?

My favourite apocalypse is The Stand, cut, uncut, mini-series, or comic book. I’ll take them all. It’s the whole story, but also the set-up touches, like giving the virus the name Captain Trips and almost personifying it. Or having the country with the outbreak decide they’re not going down alone. Or pointing out that even if 99.4% of the population catches the virus, there’s still a whole lot left.

The ones left. That’s what I like best. The post-apocalypse, whether we get the destruction of the world out of the way as quickly as in Wizards, or we spend some time in it like The Stand. If it ends in an explosion, or a virus, and whether it leaves behind radiation, bodies, or even zombies, I want to see what happens next.

Are there any humans left? If there are, do they start over, or do they rebuild? If they rebuild, what do they leave and what do they keep? Of what they keep, did they make the right choice? Of what they leave, is it ever uncovered?

There’s a lot of potential in these stories. Questions to ask and choice to make. As Wizards showed me so many years ago, the end is only the beginning.

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by | Aug 29, 2014