I think I broke my brain with NaNo. I had a wonderful time, and I fully intend to do it again this year, but I really didn’t pace myself. As a result, I think I’ve temporarily burnt-out my creative self. It’s still there, still functioning, that much I can tell; it’s just missing the connection between thought and action.

I can imagine the scenes, plan them out, I just can’t seem to get myself to put pen to paper and scribble them down. Instead, I’m writing this, or reading, or, most often, playing a computer game in my free time. It’s frustrating, and I have to get myself back on track. The problem is that I haven’t developed any techniques for repairing a broken brain.

Perhaps some exercises to get myself back onto it: word prompts, picture prompts, and the like. They’ve helped in the past, and are just fun to do. They’re something to try, a way to ease myself back into writing things for fun again. Not to mention, they’re a nice way to create a daily pattern and get prepared for NaNo in November. I’ll have to hunt a few down to start working on them again, and in the meantime, find some metaphorical ice for my head.



by | Jan 18, 2006

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