Book of Days: November 23, Discovery of a Lifetime

There was panic at first. A perfectly reasonable reaction, Fredric thought, given he was sinking beneath the water. He could feel it pressing against him, surrounding him from all sides, and it wasn’t surprising his instinct was to struggle against it, even though he knew he had the breathing apparatus on. Everything in him insisted he couldn’t breathe beneath the water, though of course he was fine, and so he took as calm a breath as he could manage as soon as he was submerged and continued to do so until the panic went away.

It was surprising how soon after that calm set in. He could almost hear his body saying, “Oh, this is actually quite lovely” as his limbs relaxed and let the water support them. He couldn’t enjoy that for long, no longer than he had been able to entertain the panic, but it was a good feeling never-the-less. When he felt he could move properly, he turned in the water and dove deeper, aiming for the structure beneath the boat.

The world had long since been mapped. It was widely accepted by everyone that there were no more places on their planet to discover, no mysteries to find. It was, therefore, always such an exciting surprise when someone stumbled across something that proved their arrogance false. The temple in the ocean was one such thing, and no one had any idea how it could possibly have gotten out here.

While the bottom of the ocean was well-covered with water now, there were some areas where that had not been so in the past, it was true. This, however, was not one of them. It had been submerged long before people began to crawl, much less walk, and so the temple would have to have been built beneath the waves themselves. It was a bizarre undertaking, for it could not have been of any use to anyone, and yet, here it sat, waiting to be discovered.

Fredric was part of the team intent on teasing out the temple’s mysteries, and he was honoured to be so, even if he was not leading it. That Curtis had been tapped for that honour galled, as did the fact he likely only invited Fredric to gloat, but all the petty concerns and posturing floated away the moment he was deep enough to see the top of the temple’s highest tower.

It was water-logged and worn, of course. The stone had been under great pressure for who knew how long, and it would have been impossible for a structure of such material to be so without showing signs of strain. He was surprised, at first, that its colour was still so vibrant, but of course, the light of the sun could not reach it in the depths, could not cause the colours to fade. Whoever placed it there seemed aware of that fact. Either that or the luminescent colours were moss and lichen, an unplanned riot of neon that showed the researchers where to go, led them down and into the temple proper.

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by | Nov 23, 2021