Book of Days: March 22, Detour

“There’s no way to avoid it?” Olviaar asked, and Elinda sighed.

“No, I’m sorry. The shields were damaged and we’ll need to take time to repair them. We can do that on the move as you’ve asked, but until it’s done we can’t enter the Pripan Nebula. It’d tear us apart. Either we stop and make repairs, or we take the long way around. There’s no other choices.”

Olviaar cross his arms and glowered at the route planned on the star charts, but his displeasure, as always, failed to change reality. “Then we go around. It will delay us less than stopping for repairs would.”

It was, Elinda knew, the difference of a day or two at most, but she was certain Olviaar had this entire journey counted by the seconds. It didn’t make any sense to her, not when searching for a lost anything was an exercise of time, much less searching for an entire lost planet, but her job was the keep the ship in shape and she wouldn’t worry about how he planned to use it unless it interfered with her ability to do so.

“Course set,” Wen said, and turned the ship at Olviaar’s gesture. Elinda nodded and then left the bridge, happy to have their fearless leader’s annoyance as far away as possible.

It wasn’t that Olviaar wasn’t a good leader. He was, and she was certain anyone in their mish-mash crew would say so. It was merely that he was a tetchy as hell leader who didn’t handle disappointment without letting the entire universe know he was feeling it. She’d take that over the ones who saw the crew as expendable cogs, for certain, but it didn’t mean it didn’t come with its own discomforts.

“We’re not stopping, are we?” Ayesha said as Elinda returned to the maintenance bay.

“We’re not stopping.”

“Damn. I owe Nimin a watch shift for that.”

“You seriously bet against that?”

“I thought for sure he’d go for the straight line, even if it meant stopping for a bit. Seems to like the direct route to anything more than enough for it.”

“Well, it seems he likes being stationary even less. Keep that in mind for bets in the future.”

“Oh, I’ve learned my lesson now, that’s for certain. You really think we can do all this while on the move, though?”

Elinda called up the plans for the repairs, went over them again, step by step and inch by inch, then nodded. “We can do it. If anything else happens, we’ll have to stop anyway and brave our Fearless Leader’s annoyance, but so long as we can go around without running into anything else looking to stop us, we’ll be fine.”

Ayesha cursed and made a gesture that seemed like brushing something off her shoulder, except it ended in a snap. At Elinda’s baffled look, she rolled her eyes.

“It does no good to tempt the fates like that. Might as well call out to everything mischievous in the universe and tell them to pop in now.”

“I didn’t realize you were that superstitious.”

“You can call it whatever big words you like. I’d rather not take any chances, thank you very much.”

“You really think my saying anything would make a difference?”

“You really looking at everything we’ve gone through so far and telling me you’re fine not taking any possible precautions? Whole damn escapade is cursed, I swear.”

Elinda looked over the repair plans again, and then sighed. “How do you make that gesture again?”


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by | Mar 22, 2021