Book of Days: March 20, Landmarks

The map Mikki had sent with the invitation was just about the most useless thing Daron could imagine anyone giving. There were little sketches of buildings or random blobs that he assumed were supposed to be landmarks, but she hadn’t labeled a single one of them, nor had she marked any of the streets, so finding her house was something of a mystery.

“I think this, whatever it is, on the map is supposed to be that statue,” Chery said, frowning out the window at a sculpture that might be a mountain, might be some weird creature, and he supposed they couldn’t blame Mikki for the fact its possible representation was equally muddled.

“Why didn’t she just give us street names?”

“You didn’t notice?” Chery said as they approached an intersection and what he hoped was the proper right-hand turn.

“Notice what?”

“There are no street names.”

He frowned, but took a moment to glance at the lamp posts as he made the turn and realized she was right. He’d stopped looking for signs when they realized they wouldn’t help, but it hadn’t mattered, because there were no signs to find. “How can they not have street names?”

Chery shrugged and then held up the map. “It’s a new development, from what Mikki said. Maybe no one has been able to agree on them yet.”

“It can’t possibly be that difficult.”

“You have clearly never sat in on any committee meeting ever. I assure you the naming of streets would be serious business.”

“But they’ve been building this place up for two years. By now people must have had enough of it.”

“Clearly not.” She frowned at the picture. “Okay, I think we’re looking for a building with a snowman on the roof.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“Best I can do, man.”

“Right, right.” They drove past a number of businesses, and in the distance he saw a speck of white. “Maybe coming up.”

“Get in the left lane, then. We’ll have to turn at that intersection.”

He reached it, and they both glanced at the building on the approach, and while he had to keep his eyes on the road, Chery could turn in her seat to keep looking at the building until they were driving away.

“It was a snowman.”

“It was.”

“Like, an actual snowman. Made of snow.”


“It’s summer.”

“What’s the next marker?”

Chery shook her head, set aside the bitterness of the snowman on the roof, and returned to the map. “We’re looking for a map.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Nope. At the map, turn right, and then it shouldn’t be long before we get to Mikki’s house. There is apparently a cat in the yard that is distinct enough to be a landmark of its own.”

“Next time we visit her, let’s just take a taxi.”


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by | Mar 20, 2021