Book of Days: August 26, Foresight

It wasn’t that Ivan really believed in prophecies, it was more that he was worried not to believe in prophesies. There were some that he felt fine dismissing. Random nonsense that could be interpreted to mean anything at any time? Nope, goodbye Nostradamus. Same for anything written in “code” for the same reasons. Why yes! You clearly decoded it in the only way possible, and that ancient “prophesy” from the other side of the world two thousand years ago was clearly meant to apply to you, today, in middle America.

Yeah, no.

He had pretty much the same response to anyone who was a self-declared prophet, because it was clear what they were getting out of the deal, and he was pretty sure he could set himself up in the same gig without any trouble. The need to eventually pick a hard deadline was clearly a problem, but people like Harold Camping demonstrated it wasn’t as much a one as he would have thought.

But every now and then, Ivan would stumble across something, and they would be the sort of things he started to worry about. Prophesies from within the last fifty years, which still counted in his option, that gave a time and a date and all the details you’d need to intervene if you wanted to, well, he kept coming across those. Web-pages, newspapers, magazines, hell, even random conversations overheard on the train, and he was starting to wonder if maybe the problem was him.

And then he started to worry the problem was someone messing with him. Because that’d be one way to create a legacy, wouldn’t it? Set yourself up as a prophet of the non-Earth-ending kind, things like tragedies, accidents, airplane crashes, that sort of thing. The sort of thing you could, if you were a soulless monster, create yourself.

It was happening, he was watching it happen, and he was too afraid to not believe in these things when so many had occurred and it seemed pretty clear to see why. But what the hell was he supposed to do about it?

“Hello, FBI? Someone has posted a prediction on a random Internet forum that plane 456 our of Delaware will crash before reaching its destination on Sept 5. I think maybe you should look into that?”

He’d be lucky if they didn’t laugh at him before hanging up. Or, like, come to his house just to make sure he wasn’t the one planning to bring the plane down. He wouldn’t be able to blame them, either. That made sense to him, even though it was a horrible judgment of his character.

No, he was pretty sure this was the sort of thing he couldn’t report. Which meant the only thing he could do was… spread the news. Which was exactly what whoever was doing this wanted. But if people didn’t take the prophesies seriously, then they couldn’t stop them. He had to make sure people saw the pattern, he had to get the word out, because otherwise, he knew and did nothing. As he had with all the cases so far. He had to try.

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by | Aug 26, 2021

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