Book of Days: August 10, Crowd Sourcing

The message was there, noted in the corner of the book on herbs, and Jessy grinned. She’d been tracking the margin notes of the unknown researcher for weeks now, helping to make her own studying easier. Their class-loads must have been similar, and from an appendix in a drug-interactions dictionary where the notes had been a brief conversation about meeting someone else at the library she’d learned his name was Keith, but that was all she’d been able to figure out so far.

Except that he seemed to have been thinking down a similar path. It was a bit of an unusual one, more pseudoscience than anything except perhaps outright magic, and that was what made her so interested.

She’d stumbled across the thought in high school. Like many people that age and in that time, she’d gotten into paganism, Wicca, that sort of thing. She’d never been part of the Hot Topic crowd, but had friends who were and enjoyed comfortably straddling the niches. But part of that was learning the magical properties of herbs and plants, the symbolism of colours, that sort of thing.

So, naturally, she began to wonder if the magical properties actually related to the chemical properties, and if so, just how significant was the overlap. Sure, a lot of times herbs were burned rather than injected, but even then, what if they’d been producing some tangible benefit. And, if that was true, then maybe, just maybe, spells worked.

At the time, she’d known it couldn’t be a completely novel idea. Someone, somewhere, must have come up with the same thought and compared the lists, but she hadn’t expected to have old school confirmation of such. It was also strange how many times she’d have a thought, go to jot it in the margins, only to find Keith had already done so. It was like finding an intellectual twin.

Only, she hadn’t actually found him. Who knew how long those notes had been in the books, and it wasn’t likely the library would give her his name, even if she’d asked. All the same, there was a part of her that wanted to meet him, to see if he’d ever found anything substantive. To see just how far he’d taken the thought.

Because so far there, there had been some connections. They’d both been impressed by how many. Part of her wanted to jump ahead, grab the herbs she’d already matched and see what sort of spell she could come up with. Before doing that, though, she wanted to see if Keith had done the same. Maybe not the results, but the choices, to see if her results were the same as his.

To see if, maybe, this path was not the best one to follow, as he seemed to be coming across some of the fears she was discovering.

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by | Aug 6, 2021

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