Book of Days: April 23, Alibi

As much as Beverly wished it were otherwise, it couldn’t be denied that Christina had been at the site of the robbery. There was footage of her client entering the building, a scan of her thumbprint going into the office, and pings on her ID badge throughout the building. This, alone, would not have been a problem, except Christina insisted she had been home all day on the day in question.

It would have made sense for her to be so. She was a weekday employee and the robbery occurred on the weekend. There was no work reason for her to have been present, much less moving about the place the way she had. That was another wrinkle, that pattern. If it had been a weekday, a day where she should have been in the building, the pattern would have made sense. She would have been going into the office of a co-worker to clarify something, or to the kitchen to get coffee, or popping out for lunch. If it had been a weekday, everything about the recorded movements would have made sense. With it being a weekend, however, it showed Christina visiting empty offices and staying for a while, sitting in her own while the lights were off, leaving for the proscribed lunch hour and returning, despite there being no reason for her to do so.

That pattern was what lead Beverly down a path of thought she did not want to go down. What if the record was wrong? Not that it was recording movements that never happened, but that it was showing them actions that happened on a different day? Perhaps that original conclusion could be denied after all, and Christina had been home as she said. It was an unsettling thought, especially for someone who often relied on those records to prove the honesty of their clients, but she had a duty to provide a vigorous defense and she was going to do so.

There was one anomaly within the overall anomaly of the weekend record, though it hadn’t had any bearing when they first noticed it. In the middle of the day, where she could have been working if this had in fact been a workday, Christina had gotten up and spent over an hour in the lunchroom. For someone dedicated to her work, that would have been strange, but it gave Beverly something to work with as she dug into the other records provided, searching for a day, a weekday, where a similar action had happened.

She found it in the previous month, a time where it seemed everyone in the office had gone to the lunchroom for an hour. As she dug deeper, she found the reason: a going-away party for a long-time employee. A party that happened almost a month to the day of the robbery. Dread built in her stomach as she compared the record of the party-day to the record of the robbery day, and confirmed Christina’s movements, as recorded, were the same. Exactly the same down to the last second. The record was a copy, and that should not have been possible.

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by | Apr 23, 2021