August Patreon Summary

August disappeared on me, as the months seem to do. This was a bit of a strange one, but I hope that’s just a blip.

July Poll Results

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This month’s story was Survival Instinct. While I was working on this one, I’d thought it was going in one direction, and then I had a thought and it ended in a different place. That turn around point is probably too obvious, and I’m still not entirely certain I went with the right one.

Patreon Picks

Last month’s stories, Last Request and Lost and Found are available to all patrons.

This month’s stories, The Third Vigil and Preppers are available to patrons in the Lounge.

I think Preppers is the one that changed the most from the snippet it was based on. The idea is still there, but I don’t know how much of the actual snippet text made it in once the story was finished.



by | Sep 1, 2023