Another Camp Down

I’ve finished Camp NaNoWriMo, and very glad to have it over with. As much as I usually enjoy these, I just found this one frustrating. Tracking a project by hours was painful more than motivational.

It’s funny, when I chose this method, I remember thinking “It’ll be like doing NaNoEdMo.” I remembered that I’d participated in that for two years. I remembered that after those two years, I’d never done it again. It probably should have occurred to me to look back at why that was.

I posted this  blog entry near the end of my last NaNoEdMo in 2008, and it’s almost exactly what I feel like posting for this year:

There was something about having those fifty hours grinding away in the background that prevented me from fully engaging with the work. In the end, I did feel like I was merely putting in the time, not the effort.

Hours as a counter completely does not work for me, and apparently it’s been that way for at least six years. Hopefully my future self will remember this, and come up with something better.

I’ve had some good suggestions for using chapters, or percentages, and things when doing editing. Which means I should probably have a more coherent draft than I started with this year. That should also be one of my requirements: draft must be complete 🙂

I’m going to continue to think about a method for tracking editing, though, as I think it’s an excellent way to spend a camp. Until then, this year is done.





by | Aug 4, 2014

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