An App For That: Streaks

I haven’t had this app long, but I like it. On the list of things that motivate me, being able to mark a day off when I’ve done what I’ve supposed to is pretty high up. Silly, but true. Unfortunately, all my calendars are now digital, and that doesn’t seem to be a typical design feature.

A little while ago I went looking for an app for that, and found Streaks (cost: $1.99). It lets you create multiple calendars, and then you can mark the days off as you complete your goal. At the bottom of the calendar, it keeps track of your streaks, both the current and longest ones. If you have days that you take off (for example, weekends) then you can set the particular calendar to skip them.

There are four different default themes available. I wish you could set a different theme for each calendar, but that’s about the only thing I can think of that I’d like to see added. It’s simple, and exactly what I was looking for.



by | Aug 15, 2010