A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Think Fast

“It’s not the fall,” Diamond said, “it’s the landing.” And then ey pushed Llewelyn off the side of the wall.

He could feel the wind rushing through his hair, the pressure of it forcing his arms up away from his body as he picked up speed, more speed than gravity could account for. But of course, gravity didn’t account for anything here, and he had no idea what Diamond had programmed beneath the cliff.

Llewelyn didn’t want to look down, he really didn’t, but it was just one of those things. It was like his brain edited out the “not”, a typo in his thought process, and then down he was looking and thinking that not was a pretty damn important word.

There was darkness around everything, like he’d been pushed off the edge of the world and was left falling through space. Only this space had a bottom and that bottom was covered in bones and broken glass, made up of jagged stalagmites that reached up toward his plummeting body, just waiting to spear him right through. He was seeing it all in a zoom, though, and there was still a long way to fall.

I really should have installed a flight program, he thought, but Diamond would have been ready for that. No, he had to think of something the other wouldn’t, and he had to do it quick. He could almost hear the stalagmites calling to him.



by | May 6, 2011