A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Trust

“He seems legit,” Aarie said. “Skills are high and the responses check out.”

“He hasn’t dropped many clues.”

“Yeah, well, neither did you, babe.”

D grinned. “I dropped ’em, you all just failed to pick ’em up.”

“So, what next then?”

“I hate this part.” D tilted the chair back, and eir sparkle dimmed. “He found the bar, ran the gauntlet, even saw Oberon. I think maybe we need to walk the line.”

“Shit, man.” Her tail stopped swishing.

“If he’s legit, no big.”

“If he’s not, you want that on your conscience?”

“Better that than letting him in. I like the guy, too, but it doesn’t feel right.”

“Right. I’ll raise the flag and set it up.”

“Good.” D sat back up, but the sparkle didn’t return.



by | Jun 17, 2011

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