A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Speech

“It’s my belief we’re all crazy,” Pieters declared.

Diamond groaned and tilted eir chair back, the rabbit cursed and disappeared down the hole in the floor, and Bilbo claimed to be needed at the bar even though no orders were on the board. Llewellyn sipped his drink and then asked, “What do you mean?”

A PM blipped across his mug.

Diamond: You hate us all, don’t you?

He covered his smile with another sip, and sent one back.

Llewellyn: You shouldn’t have stuck me with Aarie last night.

Pieters had taken a deep sip of his own ale, and was now clearing his throat. He even stood, resting one knee on his chair and adopting a soapbox pose. “Consider, for the moment, the entire framework of the world we are in. This is not, however real it may be in circuitry and plas-wire, the real world. We are all aware of this, and yet, we treat it as though it were so. We have all decided, by unspoken collective agreement, to accept a delusion of reality.”

Diamond: You do know you’re going to suffer through this just as much as we are, right?

“Even when we do not count those among us who have even gone a step farther, and have devoted themselves to this definition, we all interact with each other, with the bar, with everything formed of pixels the same way we do with those made of atoms. Our brains accept the reality, our emotional connections reinforce it, and in doing so we allow ourselves to replace or extend reality to encompass fantasy.”

Llewellyn: At least I haven’t heard it before.

Pieters took hold of his lapel and straightened his shoulders. “What is this, if not insanity?”

“Role-play you twat!” someone shouted from the other side of the bar.



by | Sep 2, 2011