A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Shelter

Cara huddled behind the crumbled wall. There wasn’t much left. It looked like it might once have had a brick overlay, but the rust coloured pebbles could have just been part of the disintegrated spay stone that was all that was left. There wasn’t any sign of the frame that had been used to create the wall in the first place. Each time the wind blew more of it turned to dust and was carried over the dried field and other ruined structures.

But at least it was something else for the wind to hit, and that made it serviceable as a shield for the time being. Her comm had been unable to find a connection for hours. She’d turned it off for the first time in three years. If Travis was looking for her, she wouldn’t know until she got closer to the city again.

Of course, if she got closer to the city, he wasn’t the only person who would find her. She tiled her head back and thumped it three times against the wall. When dust rained down around her, she stopped. The old spray would have to last until morning, at least. She pulled her coat tight around herself and closed her eyes.

She’d slept in worse places.



by | Aug 19, 2011