A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Revenge

It wasn’t about the money. I know that gets pulled out every time they do one of those re-enactment shows. “Authorities have never recovered the money” and “with crimes of greed it would never have been erased” and blah de blah de blah.

I know it’s spin, and I know it’s the plot line they were fed, but it’s fucking annoying to hear it over and over again when they’ve got everything wrong. It’s not something I can clarify, though, because then the men with guns come and I join the server. Maybe when I’m finally sick of all this shit, that’ll be how I get myself taken out, but I’m not even close to that yet.

I just wish they really knew why I did it.

You’d think they’d be able to put it together. It’s not like my brother’s suicide or the details of PYX were kept from people. That was back when people were making sure things like that got posted, read, learned. It didn’t stop them from happening, but at least the information was out there to find. If people really wanted to add it up, they could.

But no one has, and I’ve stopped thinking that someday someone will. No one wants to. It’s easier to buy the line that it was a greed grab, and the money is stashed in some account so secret only a tech head could’ve made it. Greed people understand.

I would’ve thought they’d also understand grief, but no. Anyway, it was never about the money. But you have to hit people where they’ll feel it, and man did they ever. They love their money like I loved my brother. Fair play.

I’ll never get my brother back, and they’ll never get their money. Delete has never felt so satisfying.



by | Jul 15, 2011