A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Quick Hello

The rabbit hopped up beside the bench, stuck its nose into Xue’s lunch container, and began to eat the leftover celery sticks. She froze, biology text in her lap, and planted her feet on the ground where they would not be tricked into swinging.

It was a brown rabbit, with long ears that almost made her call it a hare. There were patches of white near its rump, as if a long ago baby had clapped it with painted hands. Xue thought it should be shy, but even when the wind rustled the pages of her text book, it just kept munching away.

Not late, and not worried, she thought with a smile, watching the rabbit work its way through the celery. When it finished, it sat back, cleaned its face, and quirked its head up toward her.

The rabbit winked, and then hopped away, disappearing into a bush.

Xue dropped her textbook.



by | Feb 18, 2011

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