A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Night

Outside the city, the only light is the moon. At least it is until the cars start following. There’s roads enough in the outskirts to keep them from stalling out, and they could circle Arkadi for weeks without running out of juice. Even in the darkness, there’s no way she could hide for even one.

Cara took pulled her bike off road, still running lights blind. The jets took a second to adjust to the change in surface, but recovered height soon enough. She thought of the Winson stilling back at the Regency Arms with its solid wheels, and wished she hadn’t trusted Carter’s word on this run. A squeeker, whatever. The pick-up had been bugged.

Dust flew up behind her, leaving a trail the lights would find in no time. The darkness wasn’t going to save her. She needed a distraction. She needed Creepers.

She was screwed.



by | Sep 30, 2011

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