A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: New Parternship

The office was dim, not dark as Cara had expected. Monitors — some the old fashioned screens, and some the more common projections — lined the walls. The shelves underneath them were covered with equipment and circuit boards from every era she could think of.

At least it was easy to tell she was in the right place.

“Hello?” she called. The words seemed to be absorbed by the clutter.

“Can I help you?” The response came from at least three different speakers, each modifying it in some way.

“I hope so. If you can’t, I’m pretty much screwed.”

There was a pause, and though she couldn’t hear anything, she felt the cameras focusing on her.

“Arnold seemed fairly certain you were the best. He’s not usually wrong.”

“But he does lay on the flattery when it suits.” This time there was only one speaker, no distortion, and the guy’s voice was clearly amused. Most of the monitors in the room flickered off, leaving a well marked line. “Follow the pretty lights, door’s at the end.”



by | Apr 22, 2011

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