A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Movies

There hadn’t been a line outside the theatre, but it filled within minutes. She’d done the same, waiting for the box office to open, walking up from down the street when the way was clear. It was the same every time, when they switched the projectors and showed the old movies the way they’d been filmed to be seen. Not reworked, revamped, restyled. There was something to them, those flat images on the cloth wall that still drew attention, even if it didn’t feel like you could reach out to touch them. Maybe that was part of the charm.

The new films were so real: like you were there! But you weren’t there, and being so entrapped just made you all the more aware of it. In trying to eliminate the distance, they only enhanced it. When they hadn’t even been trying, though, they pulled it off, dragged you in by dragging the emotions out.

But it wouldn’t do to let anyone see you in the line up. To see that you thought there was something in the old tech that couldn’t be accomplished by the new. Dangerous, that.

You could think anything you wanted in the dark, though.



by | Jul 29, 2011

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