A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Movement

Ellison pulled the blanket tighter around his shoulders, and blew to watch the mist of his breath float up into the night sky. It faded as it went, long before it reached the stars. He tilted his head back, and wondered what it would take to reach them. If the old stories were true, people had known once.

“So this is where you’re hiding.”

He jumped as Brier joined him, settling herself on the edge of the cliff, frowning into the darkness below.

“I hate being up here at night.”

“Seeing the water wouldn’t help you if you fell.”

“But I like knowing it’s still there.” She rubbed her arms, even with her heavy coat. “Your father is looking for you.”

“Did he tell you to bring me back?”

“No, but he was complaining to your sister.”

“Then I’m staying here, thank you.” He pointed up to the stars he’d been watching for more than an hour. “I can’t find the dragon.”

Brier frowned. “Why would you want to?” She shivered as the Spirit in the Cliffs cried out.

“I think it’s moved.”

“The constellations don’t travel.”

“Everything else does.” He thought of the darkness in the water below, and the deeper shadows of the forest surrounding the Hold. “Except us.”



by | Dec 9, 2011