A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Metaphor

When I was a child, our homestead was located between two rivers, or streams that I thought were rivers. They ran along the edges of our land, and curved around to join into one where they reach the road. I used to sit at the point where they came together and watch the mixture of the water.

It seemed that they slowed at the junction, the two sources filling a depression before continuing on together as a wider, stronger flow. I understood the increase in strength, the two into one greater than themselves, but I couldn’t see the deeper furrow in the ground, and could not understand why their progress was stifled by the union. I took it to mean they had to grow used to one another before they could truly work together. I thought it was an excellent lesson.

I was quite disappointed the day I fell in and learned the truth.




by | Nov 11, 2011