A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Leaving

When he was gone, it was just mom and I. She wanted me to forget about it, and just move on. I wasn’t very good at that, then. The night I left, she swore she’d never forgive me, that I shouldn’t bother coming home, all that jazz.

I took her at her word. Besides, I didn’t want to hear how embarrassing it was to have the Security Forces come knock on her door. Last I heard, the house had been reclaimed and she’d been moved into a box tower. I don’t know if she’d like that better or worse.

There were times when I wanted to call her, when I thought maybe I’d be told anything except to stay gone, but I never did. Lies, even to yourself, only have so much weight. Besides, they’re still monitoring her calls.



by | Dec 2, 2011

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