A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Inspiration

Oberon vanished from the system two years ago, and we’ve never quite recovered. Sure, we talk big about having no leader, but people always gravitate to the ones who inspire them. With Oberon’s reach, that’s left a big fucking hole to fill.

I never really cared much for community. Have a RL that forces you to sit at a distance and you never quite stop doing that, even behind an avatar. There’s always that moment when someone wants your als, and then gets pissed off when you don’t give an answer. Or give a different one each time. I used to generate mine randomly.

The only reason that changed was Oberon. Not the random thing — I kept that until I had to delete myself — but the avoidance thing with communities. His message was powerful, and his determination strong. We never doubted for a second he’d change the world.

We were wrong. And now he’s gone.



by | Mar 11, 2011

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