A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Forever

You started to fool yourself, if you stayed in too long. Not just about the little things, like how you looked and sounded, but the big things, too. Like the forces that moved the world and the way the reality worked. It was so easy to get used to building a dream on the framework that you started to forget there was a place where you couldn’t. Or maybe you just didn’t care anymore.

It was worse for us all, after the program. Cayle started slipping long before they caught him, and Oberon? Fuck, I don’t know if he’d ever accepted reality. It ran through his hands like water while the rest of us held sand. When he talked, it was so easy to give a little more, to believe we could really change the world, change everything.

But even inside, there was the memorial, and that grounded a few of us. Nothing like a big fucking “no do-overs” sign to remind you that some things were lost forever. There was no coming back if you were wiped in the real world, no back-ups, no save points. Pretty big design flaw, in my opinion, but who am I to judge?



by | Sep 23, 2011

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