A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Family

Before I was born, my parents were still together, and they doted on my sister. I was a mistake. Not entirely welcome, but not welcome either. It was a strain on a well-balanced household, and the entire dynamic shifted.

My sister blamed me. Everything was perfect until I came along, and then it wasn’t, so it had to be by fault. Of course, the entire world was changing at that time, but we couldn’t know that. I was too young, and she was too angry.

Then the accident, and suddenly we were all the other had in the world. Oh they shipped us off to an aunt who was kind enough to take us in but it wasn’t the same. Especially not when she made it clear we were there out of obligation, nothing else.

I don’t know if it was the fear of being alone, or if she’d been forced to realize that none of what happened was my fault, but from that point on I had a protector as fierce as any storybook monster. When they came to gather the orphans, I thought they were going to have to kill her if they wanted to take us.

Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better for her if they had.



by | Jun 3, 2011