A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Curiosity

Diamond sat on the mailbox and watched as the new guy slipped his hand through a wall and pulled out a notice. It had the texture of an evening news report, but Diamond could see the corner markers. It was an access list compiled by Athena herself. Those weren’t easy to come by, and they sure as shit shouldn’t have been in a wall cache.

The guy had a simple avatar: default frame and real world colouring. It might even have been based on how he really looked, unless that point was to look like he hadn’t put any thought into it at all. His hair was an out-of-the-box emo-banged cut done in chestnut brown, and his one visible eye was grey. He might have pulled it off if he hadn’t been wearing a crocheted sweater.

He transferred the paper into the links on his gold wrist watch, and looked around once the file was out of sight. Diamond’s hair was glittering from the nearby mini-suns, but the guy never once looked eir way. It was just curious enough that when the guy headed for a transfer point, Diamond followed.



by | Feb 4, 2011