A Writer’s Book of Days Exercise: Caught

The bike’s proximity alarm went off. Cara froze, still holding the drive, and flicked her eyes to bring up the video feed. Night-sight was on, but she couldn’t see what had tripped the alarm. There was the same old dust, same old building, same old piles of rubble.


She called up an earlier scan. No, some of the rubble was new. She let the video fade almost away and searched the room. There it was, almost hidden by a tipped over filing cabinet, the scratched in claim mark of a creeper. Cara didn’t recognise whose it was, but this far out that was hardly a surprise.

Movement outside. One of the rubble piles crept toward the door. The door she had left wide open. She might as well have dropped a beacon.

As quick and careful as she could, she tucked the drive into her pack. Mission accomplished. Now all she needed was a way out.

The rubble reached the door.



by | Mar 25, 2011

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